Spring Exhibit 2011

Spring Exhibit 2011 (April 14-16)

There were 188 art pieces entered into our juried show this year. Congratulations to the award winners! Observations from the juror, Robert Perrish, are included below.

"Over the River" by Rusty Frentner

“Over the River” by Rusty Frentner


First Place: Over The River
Rusty Frentner

It has a warm draw to it. You just fall right into the piece. All the values are so well handled. The sun cast cast shadows. It has a really nice design to it. It’s got magic. It makes you or me want to go there or want to buy it.

Good draftsmanship, a very strong piece, well done.


"Pretty in Pink" by Rusty Frentner

“Pretty in Pink” by Rusty Frentner

Second Place: Pretty in Pink
Rusty Frentner

A well designed piece. Very simple color choices. Everything about it is harmonious. Many times more is said with less involvement of all kinds of “things”.

Beautiful reflections in the bottom. The dark purple behind it has a nice shadow effect. You’ve got some extremely dark areas and light areas.

The way it is cropped with the bird bath, it’s just really well done. The very, very delicate separations in the flower. Beautiful piece.


"Flower Market" by Billie Swelstad

“Flower Market” by Billie Swelstad





Third Place: Flower Market
Billie Swelstad

This piece is just so fresh! And the way the watercolors are handled with the values and colors, just so nice! Watch the kids set up this tent for this fair… nice. Very solid, nice commitment to shapes and values. Very fresh, very fun piece.


"Cheryl" by Fran Seikaly

“Cheryl” by Fran Seikaly

Fourth Place: Cheryl

Fran Seikaly

It is just really well done. It has sooo many nice flesh tones in it, the warms and the cools…and it is really relaxed. The dark green in the background compliments the red hair and the skin tones very well. It is a small piece but it is a powerful piece.

Honorable Mentions:

Katy Montgomery: Glide
Nancy Slutsky: Along Grand River Road
Carol Hubbard: Young Boater
Jeri Fellwock: Together
Katy Montgomery: Elizabeth
Jennie Lenzi: Stratford on Avon
Marlene Zazoulinsky: Friends

The Juror:

Robert Perrish is an award-winning designer, sculptor and painter whose love of nature is evident in everything he creates. Robert worked in the commercial art field in illustration and design for 30 years. A life long resident of Michigan, he has lived with his family in Livonia for the past 26 years.

He has traveled extensively throughout the United States and abroad, capturing as much as he can on canvas along the way. Robert’s artwork and sculptures have appeared on National magazines, calendars, books, limited edition prints and various art galleries.