Spring Exhibit 2012

Spring Exhibit 2012  (April 19 -21, 2012)

There were 150 art pieces entered into our juried show this year.
Congratulations to the award winners!

Grandma's Girls by Rosemarie Simonton

“Grandma’s Girls” by Rosemarie Simonton


1st Place: 

“Grandma’s Girls”

by  Rosemarie Simonton


Casting a Spell on You by Dean Rogers

“Casting a Spell on You” by Dean Rogers


2nd Place:

“Casting a Spell on You”

by Dean Rogers








"Guardian" by Ann Wheeler Carlson

“Guardian” by Ann Wheeler Carlson


3rd Place:


by Ann Wheeler Carlson




"Narrator" by Robbie Best

“Narrator” by Robbie Best


4th Place:


by Robbie Best





Honorable Mentions:

Annetta Lind:  Iridiason-I-77
Darl Papple:  Glen Canyon
Carol Hubbard:  Coyell Boathouse
Alison Kardell:  Sunday Bouquet
Billie Thompson:  Sands of Time
Kathleen Montgomery:  Young Dairy
June Fox:  Lisa

The Juror:

Nora Venturelli was born in Rosario, Angentina and immigrated to California in 1968.  She received a Bachelors in Fine Art from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Fine Art from Eastern Michigan University.  She has been an adjunct professor at the Unversity of Michigan since 1997.  She also shows in galleries especially the WSG Gallery in Ann Arbor.