Spring Exhibit 2013

Spring Exhibit 2013 (April 18- 20, 2013)

The Spring Exhibit was held at the Costick Center located at 28660 Eleven Mile Road in Farmington Hills.

Celebration of Sunflowers by Billie Thompson

Celebration of Sunflowers

First Place – Billie Thompson – Celebration of Sunflowers

Juror’s Comments:  “This picture caught my eye when I walked into the room.  It had a great sense of movement.  The painter had a strong sense of what they were doing and they let themselves be free doing it.  Using ink on top of the watercolor–very, very fresh, and a nice use of color.  They popped in that little bit of purple to balance out the yellow.  Nice job!”

She is the Light in the Darkness by Dean Rogers

She is the Light in the Darkness



Second Place – Dean Rogers – She is the Light in the Darkness

Juror’s Comments:  “The reason I chose this painting was because of the one eye. It looked like it was liquid with the light going through it. I thought it was done very well. The detail in the hair, the light and dark on the face, and the embers in the background are beautiful.”

Wisdom by Darl Papple



Third Place – Darl Papple – Wisdom

Juror’s Comments:  “The Indian in Wisdom masters the use of black and white effectively. I love the lost edges on the dark side of the painting. The face softly disappears into the background on the right side. There a great deal of weathered interest portrayed in this face.”


Birch by Jim Patterson






Fourth Place – Jim Patterson – Birch

Juror’s Comments”  “In the painting, ‘Birch‘, the birch trees with the green background is very well balanced. A very striking painting–it catches one’s eye with just enough information to get the point across, and it was perfectly framed in a way that did not distract from the painting.”


Honorable Mentions:

Rosemarie Simonton – Peony

Virginia Roberts – Retreat in the Woods

Kathleen Montgomery – Take a Moment

Daria Fileta – Wonder

Billie Thompson – Striped Bouquet

Jim Patterson – Across the River

Fran Siekaly – Bietola


Jeanne Dehaan is from Milford and is a very versatile artist as seen by her work in many mediums.  She has lately focused on watercolor and oil both from in the studio and plein air.  Her subject matter is often found in her own gardens, including landscapes and still life.  She is very active teaching classes and workshops throughout the year in Southeast Michigan.  Jeanne has found success in international as well as local and regional competitions.