Spring Exhibit 2014

Spring Exhibit 2014 (Held in April at the Costick Center)

Observations from the juror, Geoph Merril, are included below with each image.

Old Old Barn by Shirley Popp

Old, Old Barn


First Place: “Old, Old Barn”
by Shirley Popp

Juror’s Comments:  “This is a very strong painting because of the artist’s choice to use three predominate colors–blue,  green and varying shades of gray pushed to an almost white and an almost black.

There’s a hint of Georgia O’Keefe styling in the picture along with a nice distillation of the shapes in the treed area.  Using a minimal approach in the painting of the trees in front of the barn the artist took care not to over-paint them.

The shape of the sky is quite exquisite particularly where the side of the barn almost touches the border.  It creates a picturesque negative space out of the sky. Old, Old Barn is a graphically strong work of art.”

Dreamscape by Alison Kardell



Second Place: “Dreamscape”  by Alison Kardell

Juror’s Comments:  “Dreamscape is also graphically strong with a very artistic use of light and dark.  I appreciate the broad range of the palette in this painting.   It appears that the artist searched for her colors; nothing is ‘out of the tube’. The colors are sophisticated.  I enjoy the use of patterns in this picture.  It has the feeling of an interior but at the same time it is very abstract–there is much certainty about shape, color, and pattern. This is a difficult picture plane to work in–it being very vertical.  The artist has done a fine job resolving the verticals with her excellent color choices.”


Wine Fields by Gwen Yomkow

Wine Fields



Third Place:  “Wine Fields”
by Gwen Yomkow

Juror’s Comments:  “Wine Fields is a wonderful landscape. It could be easy to get contrived with a subject matter like this one, however, the artist has succeeded in harnessing the power of patterns occurring in nature.  I particularly enjoy the buildup of colors with overlapping and over painting.

Wine Fields has a richness, particularly at this time of year where we have been looking at a white or gray landscape for several months.  The painting has a very middle summer or end of summer feel or ambiance’.  I know I responded to that feeling.  A fine painting and a competent handling of watercolor.”

Shanty Creek Reflections by Mary Ann Relyea

Shanty Creek Reflections

Fourth Place:  “Shanty Creek Reflections”
by Mary Ann Relyea

Juror’s Comments:  “It appears that Shanty Creek Reflections was executed with primarily dark green colored pencils.  I appreciate the atmosphere in this painting.  The tonal differences in this drawing are extremely subtle and it captures a very definitely feeling of the few moments just before sunset or those just before dawn.  This drawing stands out because it is without a strong light source.  I respect the artist’s attempt to work in this very narrow band of light and dark.

It is reminiscent of paintings Whistler did, particularly his nocturnal paintings where things are described but not in great detail because of low light.  I like the pictorial problem solving and feel that the artist resolved it very well.  It is an interesting piece.  One does not often see pieces such as this. Kudos to the artist for originality.”

Honorable Mentions:

Lisa Barette:  Princes of the Pyramids
Daria Fileta:   Two Women
Beverly Johnston:   Red Series #4
Sue Mallick:   Late Bloomer
Carl Mayer:   St. Patrick’s Cathedral NYC
Kathleen Montgomery:   Melancholy
Cathy Szumlinski:   Yipee