Library Exhibit

Each month the Farmington Art Foundation Library Exhibit September 2014presents an exhibit at the Farmington Library in downtown Farmington.

Members may sign up with the committee chairperson and display between eight to fifteen pieces, depending on size.  The artwork has to be framed, ready for hanging.

Library Exhibit 2 September 2014Each member selects the work to be shown and they fashion their own labels for each piece with their name, title of the piece, medium, and price.  If the work is not for sale, they note “NFS” on the label.

A one-page resume or artist’s statement accompanies the exhibit and there is a place for the artist to place business cards and additional information for the public.  If you are interested in exhibiting at the downtown Farmington Library, please join the Farmington Art Foundation.  For current members, contact the current Library Exhibit chairperson.

Library Exhibit Plaque